• Director of general office of Wuhan City Historic Preservation Commission and his party visit IICC-X
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    On December 3, 2013,Director of general office of Wuhan City Historic Preservation Commission Dr Tang Huihuand his party visitedICOMOS International Conservation Center- Xi'an (IICC-X),they carried on the discussion and exchange the experience with Feng Jian ,who is the executive deputy director of IICC-X and some of the IICC-x staff.

    During the discussion,Dr. Tang Huihu informed Wuhan’protection work,which as a famous historical and cultural city,and humbly expressed learning from Xi'an and IICC-X inscription on the Silk Road,deputy director Feng Jian exchanged views with deputy secretary-general Tang Huihu on existing Industrial Heritage Resources in Xi'an and the development direction of IICC-X in 2014.

    After the symposium, Tang Huihu and his partyaccompanied by IICC - X staff visited the Tang Daming Palace Ruins Park andgave a high evaluation to the protection of site shows, said that  the conservation and practices in Xi'an Daming Palace Ruins protection works had great reference significance.

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