• Former president of ICOMOS visit IICC-X
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    On September 14, 2013,former President of the International Councilon Monuments and sites(ICOMOS) , executive committee lifetime member Mr Michael Peset (Michael Petzet), at the invitation of IICC-X’ invitation,had conducted interviews with IICC-X staff.

    During the discussion,Mr Michael Peset listened  the work reports of IICC-Xin recent years.,which reported by Feng Jian, Vice- director of IICC-X, and proposed an important opinions and views tothe future development direction of IICC-X--promoting the Silk Roads,strengthening exchanges and cooperation between domestic and international, continuing to improve the compilation of important international documents and other aspects of heritage conservation technologies and concepts.

    For the interest to Chinese heritage sites in Xi'an,Mr Michael Pesetalso on the following day, accompanied byIICC-X staff visited the Terracotta Warriors and Tang Chang'an City Daming Palace ruins on September 15.

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