• ICOMOS Norwegian chairman, Mr.Harald Hoyem ,visit IICC-X
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    On October 18th, 2012, ICOMOS Norwegian chairman, Mr.Harald Hoyem and his party went to ICOMOS International Conservation Center- Xi'an (IICC-X),and had a visit discussion.

    Mr. Harald Hoyem and Ms Marie Louise Anker had a introduction on conservationand development of research projects of Han Chang'an City in Xi'an which are being carried out in cooperation, and initiated a in-depth discussion about the problems in the investigation with the IICC-X staff.
    Feng Jian, Vice-director of IICC-X, introduced “Silk Roads” network information archives management platform system(AIMS),independently developed and initially built by IICC-X at the forum.Mr.Harald Hoyem indicated a high degree of evaluation to this systemwhich make amazingprogress within limited resources and time,and providedvaluable comments and suggestions with its international professional perspective, he also expressed the hope that in the field of cultural heritage protection work with the IICC - X for more extensive and deeper cooperation and communication.

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