• Conference of Promoting the Silk Roads Nomination (China section)
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    On 28th February 2013, the “Conference of Promoting the Silk Roads Nomination (China section) ”was held in Xi’ an. The conference was sponsored by SACH, co-sponsored by Shaanxi Provincial Administration of Cultural Heritage, and organised by IICC-X. Personnel and staff from administrativeorganisations of 22 heritage sites along relevant provinces of the “Silk Roads: Initial Section of the Silk Roads, the Routes’ Network of Tian-shan Corridor”: Henan, Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia and Xinjiang,as well as representatives from 11 governments in different administrative levels and professional institutions participated the conference.

    During the conference, IICC-X introduced and demonstrated the Silk Roads AIMS. The agreements hasbeen achieved that administrative organisations of all 22 heritage sites are responsible to providearchive to IICC-X, in order to enrich the documents for China/Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan nomination.


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