· 50th anniversary (1965-2015): ICOMOS Poland & Conference "Heritage in transforma15/12/11
· Irina Bokova meets the ICOMOS International Conservation Centre in Xi'an15/09/21
· 39th session of the World Heritage Committee15/09/02
· Monitoring management survey for the Silk Roads Heritages, undertaken by IICC-X15/06/30
· IICC-X Project Department moved to Independent offices15/06/18
· IICC-X calls for rescuing World Heritage in Nepal15/05/05
· IICC-X “Introduction of Foreign Technology and Managerial Personnel 2014”15/01/07
· IICC-X in 18th ICOMOS General Assembly15/01/07
· Phase Ⅱ of the “Silk Roads Archive and Information Management15/01/07
· The Conservation Symposium of the Silk Roads Cultural Heritage, Dunhuang14/10/20
· Support for the preparation for the World Heritage Serial Nomination of the Silk14/09/29
· Monumental heritage—a series of promotional activities in 4.18 international arc14/07/29
· Monumental heritage—a series of promotional activities in 4.18 international arc14/07/29
· The fourth working group meeting of "Silk Roads: Initial Section of the Silk Roa14/07/16
· International Conference of the world cultural heritage protection and managemen14/07/16
· The Silk Roads economical belt world heritage conservation Forum hole in Xi’an14/07/16
· Silk Roads:the Routes Network of Chang‘an-- Tian-shan Corridor and the Grand Can14/07/14
· The survey of “rely on richness historical source in Xi’an14/07/09
· The 37th World Heritage Conference held in Phnom Penh,the capital of cambodian14/07/09
· The Conservation, Management, Monitoring of Serial Property Held in Hang Zhou14/07/03
· Participated in the summing-up meeting of “Support for the Silk Roads Nomination14/07/03
· Participated in “UNESCO/ UNWTO Silk Roads Heritage Corridors Tourism Strategy Wo14/07/03
· Participated in the workshop of Grand Canal and Silk Roads Nomination14/07/03
· Technical Workshop of the Silk Roads Nomination14/07/03
· Assistted the Dossier Compiler to submit the nomination dossier: “Silk Roads:Ini14/07/03